Remember last year, 
when I kissed you hello 
and we talked about 
the weather? 

What I should have said was this: 

I want to know you 
like the seafloor 
knows the current 
and the earth 
knows the radiant sun. 

I want to sit with you 
and talk far into the future 
and deep into the past, 
until there are 
no more words. 

I want to lay with you 
on the soft moss, 
for a century or more, 
until we both 
recall that moment 
twelve thousand years ago, 
when our eyes first met. 

I want to wake up beside you, 
fire, flood and setting sun. 
I want to wake up before you, 
before I even know 
which body is mine. 

Image by bluebudgie from Pixabay