I’ve decided to write again.
As a practice, as a process.

To write as exploration, expression.
As archeological dig, as deep devotion.

It won't be perfect.

Some days, I wonder if I’ll have anything to say. I wonder if anyone will care. I wonder if it will seem self-indulgent. Trite.

But most days, I wonder what could possibly stop me.

I, like you, have my own depths
with my own unique colors, textures and scars.

I, like you, want a life fully expressed.

I want to use every opportunity to connect more deeply with you, with me, and with whatever great force runs through us all.
I want to know that I followed my instincts, followed my inspiration and showed my essence to the world.

I write to understand. I write to connect.
I write to awaken.
I write to write.
I write to be.