Who makes you feel like a rock star?


I’ve got this friend named Summer. And she makes me feel like a friggin’ rock star.

Let’s be real here, being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage, resolve, resilience and serious faith in yourself and your vision. Which can sometimes be challenging, to say the least.

And there’s always someone on social media that’s doing it better, right? She’s got more followers, more clients, more style, better hair, better behaved children, a better LIFE... For all its upside, social media sure does make it easy to spiral down into the depths of comparison.

Down there, comparing our messy day-to-day to someone else’s polished, edited, insta-perfect life, we tell our poor, beautiful selves that we’re behind. That something is wrong with us. That we’re not enough.

But when I talk to Summer, I am on top of the world. She raves: “I can’t believe everything you get done!! With two kids?! You’re amazing!” “You just decided to host a workshop and did it? You are so brave!” “Omigosh, you started a Facebook group? You’re doing livestreams? How awesome are you?!”

Summer helps me celebrate my accomplishments and appreciate myself. She gives me the extra nudge I need to keep going when things are hard. She sees me as the person I want to be.

So I ask you… Who are your groupies?

Who thinks everything you are doing is amazing and inspiring? Who’s on speed-dial when you need a quick pick-me-up?

Make a point to spent more time with those people who are impressed by you, who believe in you. People you can trust and rely on. People who treat you with respect, kindness and love. People who are inspiring.

In short, hang out with people who make you feel good!

I’m rooting for you, rock star.

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Photo: Joan Jett & The Blackhearts