Before working with Elizabeth I was skeptical of the coaching model. But she really helped me to move through obstacles and take action on items that I was unclear about how to proceed with. Elizabeth is trustable and kind even as she challenges her clients to dig deep and lean-in to whats uncomfortable. Elizabeth is a sharp and savvy coach.


Elizabeth helped me focus my efforts and pare down what was distracting me to really address what were the necessary steps I needed to take to succeed in my art business. She does not waste your time. She listens and hears and is then able to direct you to best utilize your time and energy towards your goals. Five star rating from me!


"Elizabeth is a skilled and intuitive facilitator. She listens deeply and asks beautifully poignant questions that go right to the heart. In my experience of sharing women's group with her, I always knew she would come prepared with a thoughtful exercise to open my mind and heart to new possibilities. Her personalized meditations were like a having a good friend hold your hand and provide loving support. I especially appreciate the way Elizabeth brings lightness to challenging topics and maintains the most contagious optimism. My life was undoubtably made more full by time in group with Elizabeth." – Julie Afflerbaugh

"Elizabeth is a dynamite coach. She helped me break down my goals and challenges into actionable steps with beautiful patience and a keen insight. I felt so supported, guided and cared for during all of our sessions together. I couldn't wait to speak with her, as she has helped me with some of my biggest breakthroughs. It was such a joy to work with her!" – Kristina Peduto

"My experience of Elizabeth is wise, open, generous, powerful and kind. In my women's group with Elizabeth she showed up vulnerably, teaching by example, knowing that meaningful growth comes from an open and vulnerable place. Elizabeth combines mindfulness, personal experience, reflection, and skill-based learning to a group setting making it a connected and lasting experience. Elizabeth exemplifies the strong feminine with grace." – Megan Newton

"Working for myself and being a single mom is a complicated skill to master. Before working with Elizabeth, my schedule was all over the place and I felt my time with my daughter was escaping me. After working with Elizabeth, I was able to align my schedule to fit my needs and life better. I found a work balance that I wasn't able to before. I feel I'm living my life the way I want to and have more time with my daughter. I owe Elizabeth a lot of thanks for the help she gave me." – Laurel Doxsey

"I began working with Elizabeth at a time in my life when I was unsatisfied with my work situation. My business was not excelling in the ways I had hoped and I wasn't clear on how to move forward after owning my own business for 12 years. Elizabeth helped me determine what was truly important to me and translated that into specific actions. She understands business and had very practical and sound advice. Her encouragement helped me to realize my strengths, potential, skills, and most importantly my VALUE! She helped me find my way into a very fulfilling career and personal life. Obviously she has found her "heart's work" – she certainly helped me find mine." – Summer Trembley

"I was almost taken aback by how much you gave to everybody in the group, the level of care, you’re a love bomb." – Jackie Ames