Step forward and claim it...

Your confidence. Your happiness. Your value. Your purpose. Your power. Step forward and show up as your boldest, fullest self. The world needs you.

Imagine how much better the world would be if we were all living as our most authentic, most inspired and most actualized selves. Imagine waking up each morning, feeling aligned with your version of happiness and knowing just what to do that day to feel purposeful and fulfilled.

Many of us go through life doing what we think is expected of us and setting goals based on society’s idea of happiness. Or, we simply react to our circumstances with a total lack of direction. We end up overwhelmed, disconnected and unfulfilled.  I struggled for years building a business that didn't fulfill me. And for years, I told myself that it was “fine”. There is no plan B… You’ve got mouths to feed… These were my mantras. I was so out of touch with my inner voice that I felt numb.

Using the tools below, I peeled back the layers of fear, obligation and small thinking to align me with my own brand of "happy",  giving me clarity about my values, my purpose and what my days needed to look like to experience deep joy.

And I am honored to do the same for my clients.

Who is this coaching for?​

I offer private coaching packages for successful and soulful women who want more fulfillment and balance in their lives. Courageous women who are not afraid to face the tough stuff but are also gentle and patient with themselves. My ideal clients are self-motivated, willing to examine themselves at the deepest level and ready to shift old patterns and beliefs.  

Change like this doesn't happen overnight, which is why I do not offer individual hourly coaching sessions. Each coaching relationship is a journey. Our sessions are your touchstones along the way, but most of the magic happens between calls – from the tangible of exercises, visualizations and worksheets to the power of what unfolds simply because someone is holding space for you to grow. My job is to be your champion – compassionate and encouraging – but also to nudge you out of your comfort zone to places you wouldn't have gone on your own. This work is about action, for the woman who is ready to become her biggest, boldest self.

What's Included?​

With my premier coaching packages you will:
• Gain clarity about the life you really want and start to infuse your days with more of what truly lights you up
• Acquire tools to help you slow down and tune in to your inner voice so you can act with confidence
• Gain perspective on all that you have and create sacred space for what matters most to you
• Become more present and gain more satisfaction from your experiences, career and relationships
• Shine a light on the things that are not working, learning to move out of old patterns and ways of thinking
• Go deeper between sessions with practical tools like with worksheets, guided meditations and writing exercises
• Track your progress and maximize accountability with weekly assessment surveys
• Become refreshed, grounded and confident in how you are showing up in the world
• Have a guide encouraging you, helping you set goals and follow through consistently
• Discover simple shifts that will allow you to start living your ideal life now

Step by Step

Phase 1: Make Space
First, we peel away the layers of obligation,  doubt, distraction and self-criticism to evoke your deepest desires through self-care, ritual, meditation, visualization and decluttering.

Phase 2: Define the Dream
From this open, centered place, we get super clear on exactly what you want and how to make it reality. We examine your challenges and develop ways to start aligning with your ideal life right now.

Phase 3: Inspired Action
Next, we create a nitty gritty action plan and get busy implementing it, dealing with resistance as it comes up, refining as needed and establishing positive new habits to set you in motion.

Your coaching program will include:
• A 90 minute "groundwork" session were we dive deep, explore your goals and chart a course for change.
• Future 45-60 minute "progress" sessions at regular intervals to trigger massive leaps (number of sessions varies by package)
• Weekly assessment surveys to chart your progress and keep the momentum going
• Supporting worksheets, journaling exercises and guided visualizations
• Email Support (varies by package)

Find out if one of my coaching programs
is right for you.

Set up a FREE 45 minute discovery session with me. During this powerful call, we will assess where you are now, explore your big vision for the future and discover together if one of my coaching packages is a good fit for you.

"Elizabeth helped me determine what was truly important to me and translate that into specific actions. Her encouragement helped me to realize my strengths, potential, skills, and most importantly my VALUE!"