Craving Ritual

I CRAVE ritual, maybe more than anything else in my life.

Ritual is punctuation. It has the power to transform weeks and months that might otherwise feel like a run-on sentence of "same old same old". It is an opportunity to be mindful. A chance to sloooow life down, which is a major priority for me.

And it often feels illusive. Today is New Years Day and I've always felt like I should have some big, elaborate ritual to mark the occasion. In the past, I've clammed up and let the moment pass without one, somehow intimated by the pressure to create the "right" ritual. Then I start my new year feeling like I've already failed myself a bit. Super lame.

Well, not this year! Our family has a NEW New Year's Eve ritual. First, we bake a cake. This year, it was an almond flour spice cake. After dinner, we put a candle in each slice of cake and light them up. (We let our 4 year old, Sammy, do the honors which he thought was pretty awesome.) Over our candle-lit dessert, we each say one thing we are releasing and one thing we're calling in for the new year. Then we blow out the candles and eat!  Very simple and fun to do each year as our kids grow.

Rituals don't have to be complicated. A simple ritual is way better than no ritual and, often times, more powerful.

What are your favorite rituals? What new rituals are you starting this year?

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