I believe the world needs more happy people. 

I believe that it is only from a place of great satisfaction and self-fulfillment that we can truly give. Only as our boldest, most joyful and confident selves can we can be of service to our loved ones, our communities, and our planet.

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Winheld.

I spent more than a decade painstakingly building a six figure graphic design business. And for years, it was... fine. Until suddenly, it wasn’t.

Well not suddenly, really. There had been a soft voice calling to me for quite some time. A voice whispering that my real work was yet to come. That there was something bigger, more meaningful, that I was supposed to do. That "fine" just wasn't enough.

As a graphic designer, I would listen dutifully to my clients and work meticulously to bring their visions to life – deliberate with every line, every shape. But I had never put any effort into expressing my own vision of fulfillment and bringing it into reality.

I realized that I had spent more time designing websites than I had ever bothered to spend designing my own life.

And I began to wonder – how many other women were living "fine" lives? How many more were going through the motions, drowning in their businesses, quietly longing for more?  I began to imagine what would happen if we all stepped forward and committed to becoming our highest, happiest selves. It could literally change the world.

​After some deep soul searching, I stepped away from my successful business because it just didn't make me happy. I took a major leap (with one young child and another on the way, no less) and yes, I was scared shitless. But I did it anyways.

Now, I challenge my clients to do the same. To take the leap. To create the lives they really, really want. To become their most authentic, fulfilled and purposeful selves.

By combining years of business know-how with transformational coach training, I help successful and soulful fempreneurs gain deeper satisfaction and make more impact in the world.​

Are you a woman entrepreneur struggling to make money, doing what you love?

At WINC ~ Women In Community, we help smart and soulful women entrepreneurs like you create wealth, doing what you love. Wake up every day knowing exactly how to move your revenue up, and finally feel a sense of accomplishment doing what you love. 


Elizabeth Winheld – entrepreneur, business/branding expert and certified coach – is a champion for sustainable entrepreneurship and authentic living. After more than a decade building a 6-figure design business, she boldly left it behind (with two small children in toe) in pursuit of a deeper sense of purpose and connection. Elizabeth now empowers other women to build beautiful businesses that truly serve them, to become their most powerful, authentic selves and to settle for nothing less than extraordinary lives.​